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Embracing Natural Beauty: Brittany Bonds, the Passionate Force Behind Naturally You LLC

Meet Brittany Bonds, the vibrant CEO/Founder and proud owner of Naturally You LLC, a small black-owned business making waves in Indianapolis, Indiana. Born and raised in the charming town of Gary, Indiana, Brittany's journey is a testament to turning dreams into reality when fueled by passion and purpose.

Passionate Roots: If Brittany had to sum up herself and her brand in one word, it would be "passionate." Her brainchild, Naturally You LLC, established in 2020, has been rooted in a vision of promoting healthy hair and growth for six years. Brittany believes that dreams and possibilities become your reality and destiny when you embrace God's calling and purpose.

Naturally You LLC: Naturally You LLC is an emerging all-natural hair care brand that encourages embracing and loving your hair follicles in a natural, healthy way, free from harmful chemicals. Nature is the ultimate healer, and Brittany believes that any hair type can be restored and replenished to flourish in its own healthy way.

Words of Wisdom: For those struggling to chase their dreams in the industry, Brittany's advice is simple yet powerful – keep going! Never lose faith or sight of why you started in the first place.

The Why Behind Naturally You: Why does Brittany do what she does? "Because Our ROOTS MATTER!" It's a powerful statement that reflects the deep connection between one's roots and the essence of Naturally You LLC.

Greatest Accomplishments and Challenges: Brittany's greatest accomplishment is becoming a mother and discovering her strength. However, her entrepreneurial journey comes with challenges, especially balancing the many hats she wears – motherhood, womanhood, school life, and entrepreneurship.

What's Next: What's on the horizon for Brittany and Naturally You LLC? Continued growth. Brittany is committed to evolving and thriving, both personally and professionally.

Connect, Support, and Follow: Ready to connect, support, or follow Naturally You LLC? Visit and find them on Instagram at @naturallyyoullc_2020 and Facebook at Naturally You LLC.

~Written By: Lady J


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