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Empowering Dreams and Businesses: Katelyn Puckett, The Multifaceted Dynamo Behind REC Consulting

Meet Katelyn Puckett, the powerhouse wearing multiple hats – CEO, Business Coach, Website & Marketing Manager, and Networking Event Coordinator. A devoted wife and mom of three boys, Katelyn radiates a passion for helping others succeed, renew, evolve, and continue. Her brand, REC Consulting, can be summed up in one sentence: "Dedicated to small business success!"

REC Consulting Services: Under the REC Consulting umbrella, Katelyn offers a range of services crucial for business growth – business coaching, website design & management, social media marketing, and other business development strategies. Her mission is clear – supporting small businesses on their journey to success.

Words of Wisdom: For those grappling with their dreams in the industry, Katelyn's advice is crystal clear: stay consistent and intentional. In a world where growth can be challenging, reliability and consistency make the impossible possible.

The Why Behind REC Consulting: Katelyn's why is to give business owners their confidence back. She strives to be the support system and guide for those who may lack encouragement elsewhere, helping them realize that success isn't impossible.

Greatest Accomplishment: Katelyn's greatest accomplishment isn't just professional – it's personal. Showing her three boys that anything is possible, she has built REC Consulting from the ground up and is immensely proud of the values it stands for.

Overcoming Challenges: Proving herself and showcasing the effectiveness of her processes was a significant challenge. Katelyn conquered it by working hard and developing a business growth process that builds a brand on a solid foundation.

What's Next for REC Consulting: The journey doesn't stop here. Next for REC Consulting is a continuation of helping business owners, and Katelyn hints at a big and exciting year ahead. The adventure is just getting started!

Connect, Support, and Follow: Ready to connect, support, or follow Katelyn and REC Consulting? Visit and follow on Facebook and Instagram. Catch REC Consulting's vibes on TikTok.

Local Networking Group: Don't miss out on Katelyn's local networking group, Greater Indiana Small Business Connect, on Facebook.

In the world of REC Consulting, Katelyn Puckett is turning dreams into realities and businesses into success stories. Connect with her, support the journey, and be part of the thriving REC community!

~Written By: Lady J


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