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Host your own television show with an all inclusive production package! Begin airing your show on our new up and coming E.G.O. Channel on our website and on Roku. Other mainstream channels will be added soon. Enjoy the opportunity to increase viewers even more by your show being picked up by other major channels! Contact us for more information.



Thinking about starring in a film? Your dreams can become a reality with an all inclusive production package! You create the vision, write, and maybe direct while we take care of the production and editing piece! Have your trailer and film air on one of our channels! 

Are you looking for more exposure for your business, book, music, or more? Advertise on our shows and channels as well as BET, BRAVO, OWN, VH1, A&E, and more.


Don't have time to come to us? Enjoy the freedom of continuing to serve your clients while we shoot your commercial at your location!



Are you looking for more exposure for your business, book, music, or more? Do you know someone doing amazing things in their field that should be recognized? Want to stay up to date on what's hot, up and coming and resourceful? 

Then check out our free digital interactive 

magazine! Submit your models, and nominees by clicking the link below.

You can also be a part of our BLACK EXCELLENCE CALENDAR. All Black Community events everywhere found in once place as long as you submit your events. Be intentional about your scheduling so the community can support as many as possible. The calendar is complete with links to tickets and more!



Are you thinking about having your own radio show? Do you need affordable pricing and a platform that reaches thousands to millions around the world? You come into a platform with a family that is supportive, trains for sponsorships for your show, and offers all inclusive packages at a small monthly fee.


Our Packages Include:


>Set number of hours to film per month

>Full production team

>Full production services

>Air time on television networks

>Streaming on E.G.O. Entertainment Channels 


>Air time depending upon the package of your choice

>Replays and pre-recordings

>Commercial drops

>Mentorship and sponsorship training

>Free LIVE remote shows

>And more!