Owner of E.G.O., Lady J
Jacquie Murrell
Founder / Owner / Director
of E.G.O. Entertainment

Jacquie Murrell  has always been a woman of many hats, talents, and gifts. She earned a degree in Business Management and Psychology and is currently working towards a Doctorate in Psychology.


She began her years of serial entrepreneurship in 2010 after spending many years building different departments for businesses and helping to build and rebuild organizational and operational structures in the following years. Seven years after starting her first business, she became an author and launched three more businesses of her own. 


She began speaking to youth and families in several states within the United States about the obstacles she overcame to keep pushing to fulfill her dreams and landed several radio and television/podcast interviews. This opened the door for opportunity to host her own radio show on two radio stations. The opportunities did not stop there. As she continued growing her businesses while helping and empowering others, she was given the opportunity to have her own platform and became CEO of a radio media platform in 2016 and grew it to reach 66 plus countries and over 200,000 listeners within 8 months. With this platform, she saw an opportunity to create a more positive influence through media while being entertaining, informative, and real by giving individuals from all walks of life access to opportunities that normally would not be afforded to most with her jaw dropping operational structure. 

Throughout the course of the last seven years, Jacquie Murrell has built a strong network of individuals and organizations that thrive from the support of one another in addition to a group of dedicated followers. In 2017, she was afforded the opportunity to host her own television show to be aired in the Midwest in addition to Florida, and California  on Comcast and At&t U-Verse cable networks on the channels, JOY and CAN TV with the possible opportunity of other networks and channels picking up the show. During the course of this opportunity being presented, she was also afforded the opportunity to gain JOY as a client and produce content for the channel, thus, E.G.O. Entertainment was born; a television, radio, magazine, podcast, film & commercial production company.

Jacquie Murrell saw an opportunity to reach even more people through media and give people opportunities to fulfill their dreams by incorporating and expanding a similar structure to that of what she created for other media platforms. She truly has a heart for people and believes in the possibility of using media to plant positive content that is also entertaining and real to counteract the negative messages we see today. 

She is a mother, author, mentor, speaker, life coach, and serial entrepreneur who believes in E.G.O. (Empowered Greatness Optimized).

You have the authority to make the best out of your gifts destined for greatness!


I look forward to hearing from you.

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