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E.G.O. Entertainment Group is a division of E.G.O. Entertainment Network. We provide management and publicist services to actors and music artists. We specialize in indie talent but all are welcome. With the partnership of Business Bangers (a division of Life Support Company), we are able to manage the business aspect of each client in addition to their talent and image. Our mission is to utilize our radio, television, news, print publications, and events network that include our partners, affiliates, clients, and sponsors to help indie artists and actors build their brand, gain exposure, and establish a strong foundation that will set them up for sustainable success for their career. We serve the United States so it doesn't matter where you are... ACTIVATE YOUR E.G.O. NOW!

Pop Lead Singer



Build and maintain a strong image and message for your brand.

management services

Allow E.G.O. to manage your business contracts, EPK, promotional materials, social media, and schedule.


Generate increased exposure through all media by securing features, interviews, and more.


Get your music and other content more distributed to radio and TV networks. Expand the reach of your merch.

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