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Frank Miller III: Akron's Streetwear Visionary

Frank Miller III, also known as CLOTH (Choose Love Over The Hate), is a 41-year-old streetwear entrepreneur from Akron, Ohio.  Growing up with Frank "DOC" Miller and Evelyn Neal-Miller as parents, He went to Litchfield for middle school, St. Mary's and Rankin for elementary school, and Firestone High School for high school. Afterwards, he attended the International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) and the University of Akron to further his education.

Frank’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a young age. In 2023, he founded R Cloth, a streetwear clothing brand. His ten-year experience in the industry, inspired by icons like Daymond John, Dapper Dan, and Karl Kani, fueled his passion for streetwear fashion and motivated him to start his own brand

Initially, Frank’s business journey involved a lot of trial and error. Today, his moves are calculated, and his business has grown rapidly, adapting to provide high-quality products. R Cloth is based in Akron at 1145 S Highbrook St, Suite 402. The company not only offers stylish streetwear but also provides printing and marketing services to support other brands.

Before R Cloth, Frank’s career was rooted in sales, equipping him with valuable skills for his business. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies like eBay and American Express and collaborated with prominent figures such as LeBron James and Wiz Khalifa. His work has been featured in major publications like The New York Times, USA Today, Complex Magazine, and Forbes.

He takes pride in numerous professional accomplishments, including recognition by the House of Representatives and being selected to design merchandise for the Sojourner Truth statue installation in Akron. The most rewarding aspect of his career is seeing people wear and appreciate his designs.

Along the journey, Frank meets amazing people and cherishes the dynamic and inventive nature of the streetwear industry. His biggest takeaway has been to not take things personally because bad and good days are all a part of doing business. Frank wants to show that it's possible to make money off of one's ideas and passions while also keeping R Cloth in his family.

In spite of the opinions of family and friends, he counsels growing business owners to have faith in a greater force and in oneself. He highlights constancy, the value of taking action above overanalyzing, and the need to see setbacks as teaching opportunities rather than as defeats.

Through charitable contributions, school involvement, and partnerships like the Akron Bicentennial and the Sojourner Truth statue products, Frank is dedicated to giving back to the community. As he considers his journey, he emphasizes the value of maintaining concentration, avoiding hasty tasks, and having faith in one's own abilities..

Frank Miller III’s journey from Akron to becoming a recognized streetwear visionary is inspiring, and his story exemplifies passion, resilience, and community commitment. You can follow him on Instagram at @frankclothmiller, on Facebook as Frank L. Miller or R Cloth, and visit his his website at to shop his brand.

Written By: Journalist Shay

Social media:@journalistshay


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