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From Events to Empowerment: How Cierra Conerly-Sims is Transforming Lives and Spaces

Cierra Conerly-Sims is a name that resonates with innovation, empowerment, and community transformation. An award-winning speaker, author, event planner, and consultant, Cierra has carved a niche for herself in the professional world, creating a legacy of memorable events and impactful personal development. With over 16 years of experience, she stands as a beacon of inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs and community leaders.

SIS Events & Services, the brainchild of Cierra, is an event and wedding planning powerhouse that offers comprehensive solutions for all planning and production needs. From officiating and lighting to design, bartending, and entertainment, SIS Events ensures that every detail is meticulously curated to create unforgettable experiences.

Complementing this is SIS Speaks, a professional consulting and speaking company that provides transformational books, keynote speeches, workshops, and training sessions aimed at personal and professional development.

Cierra’s journey is marked by perseverance and an unwavering commitment to her dreams. “I would tell them to continue to keep going,” she advises those struggling to achieve their goals. Acknowledging the inevitable challenges of self-doubt, lack of confidence, and motivation, Cierra’s message is clear: perseverance is key. “The journey you are on is designed specifically for you! You are on a learning and healing journey, and you will go far!” she affirms, embodying the wisdom gained from her own experiences.

Her motivation, or “why,” is deeply rooted in her desire to influence and inspire. “My influence on my family and loved ones who watch me from a distance and desire to change their life because of the results they see in mine. My desire to change hearts and minds all over the world. My desire to leave a legacy of success and positive impact on the community is my why,” she shares, highlighting her drive to create a lasting, positive impact.

Among her many accolades, Cierra considers her greatest personal accomplishment to be discovering and living her authentic self. Professionally, the challenge of understanding her true calling and target audience was a significant hurdle. “Asking for help was how I overcame my challenge,” she recalls, emphasizing the importance of mentorship in refining her brand and message. With the right guidance, she successfully articulated her vision and added substantial value to her brand.

Looking ahead, SIS Events & Services is gearing up for the BLK Male X Conference, scheduled for June 7-9, 2024. This conference will focus on the experiences of Black males, offering a platform for learning, growth, and networking. SIS Speaks is also set to release two collaborative books this summer and will continue expanding its network through various speaking engagements.

Cierra’s dedication to community service is evident in her involvement with numerous organizations. She has served on the Board of Directors for Beyond the Hurt and currently leads the Rhoyal Legacy Foundation, Inc. and Just Be Great Academy. Her active participation in Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated and Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. further underscores her commitment to making a difference.

Her impressive list of accolades includes being named Soror of the Year in 2022 and 2023 by Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Lambda Alpha Sigma Chapter, and in 2023-2024 by Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. Zeta Kappa Chapter. She has also received the 2023-2024 Emerald Woman Award, the 2023 Top 23 Women to Watch, and the 2024 Empowered Woman Award. Additionally, she has been nominated for the 2024 Phoenix Business Journal 40 Under 40, the 2024 Transformation Award, and the 2025 Inspired 100 Woman Award.

For those looking to connect with Cierra Conerly-Sims and support her transformative work, you can find more information through her Blinq profile at Media inquiries can be directed to Desirae L. Benson at or by calling 804-389-8877.

Cierra’s mission with SIS (Sisters Inspiring Society) is clear: whether through events, consultations, or community engagements, she aims to transform lives and spaces, leaving a lasting legacy of success and positive impact.

Written By: Lady J

Social Media: Facebook - @LadyJbrand | Instagram - | LinkedIn - lady-j-brand


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