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Join the All Cancer Matters Ball and Celebrate a Beacon of Hope and Resilience!

In a world where cancer continues to impact countless lives, one woman's indomitable spirit is shining as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Meet Shuntell Alston, a three-time cancer survivor and military wife, whose journey of resilience and determination has touched the hearts of many.

As the Founder and President of "You're Worth Fighting 4 Inc.," Shuntell is on a mission to provide essential moral and financial support to cancer patients and their families. Her organization's work extends beyond cancer, offering inspiration and encouragement to those battling depression and suicidal ideation through community outreach and motivational speaking.

Shuntell's powerful story is captured in her published books, "You're Worth Fighting 4: Blood, Sweat & Tears" and "You're Worth Fighting 4: Cancer, War & Marriage," which detail her battles, triumphs, and the transformational power of a positive mindset.

Join her at the All Cancer Matters Ball, an annual ticketed fundraiser that empowers, uplifts, and provides resources to cancer patients. Held on Saturday, October 21, 2023, the event celebrates the fighters, survivors, and heroes who have passed, honoring their indomitable spirits.

Featuring multi-award-winning actor Ron Godfrey as the keynote speaker and soul-stirring gospel artist Komoca as a live performer, this year's ball promises an unforgettable night of inspiration, entertainment, and purpose.

The All Cancer Matters Ball raises funds to support cancer patients and their families with medicine, transportation, and other necessities during their fight. It includes music, a delicious meal, dancing, giveaways, a championship award, cancer awareness paraphernalia, and a donation box.

This remarkable event is a platform to emphasize the importance of staying strong in the face of life's challenges and never giving up on dreams and goals.

Last year's success fuels anticipation for an even more impactful event this year. All proceeds directly support fundraisers, essential items for patients, prescription expenses, and activities for patients during treatment.

Let's come together and show cancer patients they are worth fighting for. Join us at the All Cancer Matters Ball, where we celebrate life, hope, and the unwavering spirit of fighters like Shuntell Alston. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where cancer patients receive the love and support they truly deserve.

E.G.O. Entertainment Network is proud to be a sponsoring partner of this amazing event. For more information and to purchase your tickets, visit If you'd like to become a sponsor, visit

~Lady J


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