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Joshua Wingate & FAM: Bringing Gospel Harmony to Global Audiences

In a harmonious blend of faith and melody, Joshua Wingate and his acclaimed gospel ensemble, FAM, are making waves on international airwaves. Their uplifting melodies now grace the playlists of Soul Legends Radio in the UK, with the soul-stirring track "How Excellent" capturing the hearts of listeners worldwide.

An Award-Winning Sensation: Joshua Wingate & FAM's musical prowess has earned them acclaim and recognition. With seven nominations at this year's Rhythm of Gospel Music Awards (taking place June 19th - 23rd in Mobile, AL), including Contemporary CD of the Year and Community Choir of the Year, their talent shines brightly. Building on their Choir of the Year win at the 2023 Gospel Music Choice Awards, they continue to establish themselves as gospel luminaries.

Experience the Divine with Joshua Wingate & FAM: Dive into the soul-stirring sounds of Joshua Wingate & FAM's hit album, "It's All God," and their latest Christmas release, "A Christ Centered Christmas." Available for purchase and download on iTunes, these albums promise to uplift spirits and renew faith with every note.

Join the Gospel Movement: Experience the transformative power of Joshua Wingate's ministry through his soul-stirring music and inspirational sermons. Follow his journey of faith and resilience as he spreads the message of Jesus Christ with unwavering dedication to gospel music.

About Joshua Wingate: More than a gospel artist, Joshua Wingate is a beacon of hope and faith in a world in need of healing. His music, resonating with divine grace, reflects a profound relationship with God and an unwavering commitment to spreading love and faith through ministry.

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Join Joshua Wingate & FAM on their journey of faith and inspiration. Experience the power of gospel music to uplift and transform lives.

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