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Nurturing Wellness, One Product at a Time: Regina Matthews, LMT, Founder of Favor Care Organics

Meet Regina Matthews, a woman on a mission to elevate your wellness journey through her brand, Favor Care Organics. As an entrepreneur in the skincare industry, Regina sums up her brand's essence in one sentence: "We elevate your wellness journey by going beyond your basic needs for personal care products to enhance and uplift your overall lifestyle."

Favor Care Organics: Regina's brainchild, Favor Care Organics, is not just a brand – it's a commitment to holistic wellness. With a focus on raw ingredients and natural ways to maximize healing, Regina draws from her background as a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist. Her mantra? "Bathing shouldn't burn, and neither should your body care." For those with extremely dry, reactive, sensitive scalp and skin types, Regina is changing the game.

Words of Wisdom: Regina's advice for dreamers in any industry? "The 1st step is the most important step towards living your dream." She speaks from experience, having overcome challenges in her own wellness journey.

The Why Behind the Brand: Regina's why stems from personal struggles. As a woman of color with reactive scalp and skin, navigating traditional products was challenging. A diagnosis of psoriasis fueled Regina's passion for formulations that not only elevate your body, hair, and skincare routine but also boost confidence and kindness to the planet.

Greatest Accomplishment: Her greatest accomplishment? Becoming a wife and entrepreneur 18 years ago, raising three children, and simplifying the path for small business owners to turn passion into profits.

Overcoming Challenges: Regina faced a series of challenges, from an autoimmune disease diagnosis to the burning down of her business space and the pandemic-induced shutdown. Yet, she's emerged stronger, embracing her healing era with resilience.

What's Next: Favor Care Organics is in for a revamp! Regina plans to rebrand, expand her professional network, and scale the business to include more retail and community partners across the US.

Connect, Support, and Follow: Want to connect, support, or follow Regina's journey? Find @favorcareorganics on Facebook and Instagram or drop an email at Explore the world of holistic wellness at

What's Coming: Stay tuned! Regina promises exciting events and promotions that aim to elevate the entrepreneurship and community experience. Like, follow, and share to be part of the journey!

In Regina Matthews' world, skincare isn't just a routine; it's a wellness journey. Connect with her, support the cause, and join the movement towards a healthier, happier you!

~Written By: Lady J


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