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Valerie Allen - Full E.G.O. Magazine Interview Issue 17: By Celebrity Writer, Jules Lavallee


Your agency was named one of theTOP Branding Firms in LA. Tell us about VAPR Public Relations.

VAPR was founded in 2002 and is one of the top public relations and branding agencies in Los Angeles. We are a boutique firm that brings the know-how of a large agency coupled with personalized service and the creativity of a small firm. Our team of highly trained media strategists advise high-profile individuals and companies looking to create, enhance or redefine their brands. We are known for developing highly unique branding campaigns which leverage national and local media opportunities in order to position our clients as the leading experts in their respective fields. Our services include key message development and media training; traditional, digital and social media placement; brand positioning, written communication including press releases and social media posts; a direct liaison between clients and press; and red-carpet events. We also have deep experience handling crisis communications for celebrity clients and high-profile court cases.

You have TBD years of business experience. How has the pandemic caused you to pivot?

The pandemic was definitely challenging on so many levels because of the utter chaos and uncertainty. We had to pivot and pivot quickly. Zoom was a lifesaver. First, we implemented remote work protocols like daily staff virtual meetings so we could continue to operate as a team. Because we are so adept at leveraging breaking news cycles, we were able to deploy our expert clients across all media using Zoom and other technology. This was and continues to be a good thing as it opened up opportunities for clients because press outlets, like local TV, that normally would only take in-studio guests were now open to taking guests via Zoom and other platforms.

You work with high-profile clients in entertainment, lifestyle, health & wellness. Why are clients coming to you today?

Clients come to me because they trust me with their brands and to deliver their messages to the media. Leveraging the current and topical news cycle, I have a proven track record with crafting strategic media relations strategies and expertise. Over the years, I have developed relationships with all top tier media outlets across the country and clients know how important those relationships are when securing press coverage. And most importantly, they know I will get the job done!

What does it take today to build a brand?

Brands today have to be authentic and consistent in their communication. The message has to resonate with consumers and you must be visible on multiple media platforms. In addition to traditional media, you need a digital and social media strategy with a clear, concise and consistent message about your brand.

Can you share a few success stories?

I have worked with Dr. Drew for over 20 years. I was instrumental in expanding his brand from being the "love doctor" on the late-night radio show "Loveline" to a variety of projects including hosts of reality show "Celebrity Rehab" on VH1, syndicated daytime talk show "Lifechangers," CNN’s "Dr. Drew," and more. Getting his book “The Mirror Effect” on the New York Times best seller list and repeat guest bookings on shows like “Oprah” and “Dr. Oz” are certainly highlights.

What will people notice about working with you?

People who work with me and my firm see a dedicated creative team of PR and marketing professionals who always go the extra mile for our clients. We are tireless and eat, sleep, and breathe media relations every day. In addition, we are always looking for opportunities for our clients and don't rest until we reach our goals.

Is VAPR Public Relations looking to diversify their portfolio?

Although we have a good amount of diversity in our clients and brands, we will continue to branch out to work with clients and influencers of all kinds in the future. Already a leader in the entertainment, health, lifestyle, law, music, technology and beauty space, we are always looking to take on new clients that are a good fit for us and likewise for them.