VIC VEGA VV is a designer clothing brand coming out of Memphis, TN. The brand’s purpose is to motivate and inspire anyone that has a dream or a goal. VIC VEGA was created by Victor Ivan Jimenez Vega. Victor Ivan and his mother migrated to the United States when he was around four years old. He will never forget crossing the Memphis bridge and seeing all those city lights.

Growing up, Victor Ivan and his mother were helped a lot with making adjustments and adapting to the American culture. In 2019, right before the pandemic, Victor Ivan committed to working on and starting his business as an entrepreneur, and then VIC VEGA VV was created on December 29, 2019.

What does the American Dream look like to you?

A: The American Dream to me looks like an opportunity that we all have and that is making our dreams come true. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. The journey may be challenging but the destination is very rewarding. Now, you can dream all day and night picturing a life that you want but if you aren’t dedicated and working hard every day to make those dreams a reality, then it simply won’t happen. We live in a time where any idea or business can grow and become successful. We all have this one tool and it’s called a cellphone. You can use this tool to grow and expand your network to market, to connect and also learn anything in your field with YouTube. It’s a great tool and one that has helped a lot with our growth. I also recommend LinkedIn when networking and trying to connect with other individuals who may have the same interest as you. The American dream can become a reality.

You can make any of your dreams come true. We live in the country of opportunity where new jobs are being created every day and that should excite you, to believe you can also be a part of the economic growth and make an impact. There will be a couple of nightmares and hard times that also come with the dream but that only makes the reward much more worth it! The American Dream is real and I hope the story of our brand can inspire one to also dream big and work hard because dreams don’t work unless you work!

Tell us about the VIC VEGA clothing brand.

A: Vic Vega VV is more than just a clothing brand it’s one that hopes to inspire and motivate anyone with a dream or goal no matter where they are from. It’s a brand that truly started from the bottom with no funding but is driven off hard work and believing in yourself. It’s amazing the things you can accomplish when you dedicate and change yourself to become what you want in life. It’s a brand that also reminds you that some days will be dark and hard but it’s part of the journey. Nothing great comes easy and nothing easy last forever. The brand is a reminder that you are not alone and that you have all you need to get where you want to go. I want our customer to feel immortal, inspired and motivated when they wear our apparel.

Who is the brand for?

A: It’s for the believer that believes one day they can accomplish any goal they set. It’s for the creator, the one that is creating new services, new jobs, new trends and the innovator, and the problem solver. It’s for the young kid who might be going through struggle now but knows that they can create any future they want. It’s for the world.

As an entrepreneur, what have you learned?

A: I've learned a lot and I’m constantly learning. I’ve learned to listen more, talk less, and to study the ones that have what you want. I’ve learned to always be curious and ask questions.

VIC VEGA is gaining a lot of attention by celebrities and influencers. Why?

A: Thanks to our connects in LA and our work ethic we are getting our brand in front of a lot of big names. Every day we are consistently networking and expanding, and thanks to our hard work we are able to make things like this happen. We strongly believe in our brand and vision. All of this is just the manifestation part of the plan we always had and now here it is coming to life.

You have been doing nonprofit work with the Memphis Grizzles. Tell us more.

A: The idea came when I went to the game one day, and I was like wow! The experience and the vibes you get from the game are unforgettable and when I left the game, I was so happy and inspired by the young Grizzlies team that I wanted to help and be a part of it. They are doing great things in the league and the youth of our city look up to these guys. It’s really nice to have a team like that in the city. It’s very important for our growth as a city. So, I wanted to share that experience that I had with everyone else! Our nonprofit event is structured around giving someone from the city the experience of going to a Grizzlies game free of cost. Sports has a way of uniting people from any community and that is the beauty of sports and our brand hopes to continue to buy even more tickets so that we can give them right back to the city free of charge! NonprofitUnico

Who would you like to work with?

A: I would like to work with and also be mentored by some of the biggest entrepreneurs. There’s always more to learn as an entrepreneur. Some of the one’s I’m interested in working with are Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Jordan Belfort, Elon Musk, and many more.

What is your vision for 2022?

A: My vision this year is to grow and expand the brand while also seeing the world and traveling with my family. I want to meet and connect with new people all around the world. I’d like to spend more time with the ones I love most. These past years I’ve spent a lot of my time isolated and working hard that most of my time was spent on the brand and I missed