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Breaking Barriers in the Literary World: The Author's Aftercare Literary REHAB Program

In a world where the journey of a writer extends far beyond the publication of their work, one figure emerges as a beacon of hope and guidance: Coach Michelle, the "Literary REHAB Addict." Launching on March 11, 2024, at 7pm, the Author's Aftercare Literary REHAB Program promises to revolutionize the way authors navigate the competitive literary landscape.

Coach Michelle's program is tailored for published authors seeking ongoing success. Through weekly sessions every Monday for eight weeks, participants will delve into strategies to maintain relevance, boost financial success, and establish themselves as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in their field.

What sets Coach Michelle apart is her unique approach to "REVAMP'ing" marketing and operational strategies. By examining the foundation, potential, and personality of literary works, she crafts sustainable processes that ensure continuous relevancy in the marketplace.

With the Author's Aftercare Literary REHAB Program, authors will:

  • Revolutionize marketing strategies to stand out in today's competitive market.

  • Elevate financial success by boosting book profitability and opening new revenue streams.

  • Hone skills and knowledge, transforming into recognized SMEs, enhancing credibility and authority.

  • Attain goals with guidance and tools to leverage projects for long-term success.

  • Build a solid foundation for ongoing success, akin to rehabbing a house to strengthen its structure.

The Beta Group, meeting weekly for 6-8 weeks, offers exclusive benefits including access to a private online community, group coaching, first review of program materials, weekly office hours, and individual coaching by Coach Michelle herself.

To join this transformative journey and kickstart your path to literary revolution, visit to register today!

About Michelle P. Jones:

Michelle P. Jones, "The Writer's Coach," is a multifaceted powerhouse in the literary world. As the Founder and CEO of Bledsoe Publishing Company LLC, RestoHER Ministries Inc., and MichellePJones Inc., she brings a wealth of experience to her role. An Amazon international best-selling author, ordained minister, business and writing strategist, confidence consultant, workshop/seminar facilitator, podcast executive producer/host, blogger, and inspirational/motivational speaker, Michelle empowers writers to turn their life experiences into impactful stories. Through personalized strategic plans, coaching services, and course offerings at the Authorpreneur Academy, she ensures authors offer exceptional literary masterpieces to the marketplace. Join Michelle's mission to create a literary world where every voice is heard and every story matters.

Written By: Lady J


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