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CEO of 2nd Chance TV Shows & Productions Allegedly Subjected to Unjust Treatment by Ontario Police Department


Ontario, California, USA - March 29, 2024 - Paul Nutall / NuRoyal, CEO of 2nd Chance TV Shows & Productions, recently underwent a troubling encounter with the Ontario Police Department in California. Allegedly, Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal found himself entangled in a series of misunderstandings that led to an escalating situation, resulting in the need for medical attention and subsequent injury due to rough handling during detainment. The incident has brought attention to systemic issues within law enforcement and the abuse of power.

The sequence of events unfolded on February 17, 2024 around 1am PST, when Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal was pulled over shortly after disembarking from a flight. He asserts that the stop was prompted by profiling, citing factors such as the luxury vehicle he was driving, his attire, and his race, which were commented on by the officer. Upon pulling over, Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal claims to have encountered a hostile demeanor from the arresting officer, characterized by profane language. His wife and business partner, Tiffany Nutall / NuRoyal, who was a witness to the event via the vehicle's bluetooth, expressed her fear, stating, "As soon as I heard him [the officer] yelling and cursing, I immediately feared that it would escalate to Paul getting shot. You can feel the tyranny in the officer's voice and the way he spoke down to Paul, even when Paul remained calm throughout the whole encounter trying to de-escalate the officer. His reasoning as to why he reacted in this manner, should not have angered him to that intensity - it was highly unnecessary. It was terrifying to say the least." 

Despite Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal's attempts to identify himself as a respected business professional and producer of the acclaimed "Forgotten Prisoners" TV show, he claims that law enforcement officers allegedly disregarded his explanations, even failing to review the rental vehicle's registration, insurance, proof that the vehicle did not belong to him and showing he had just arrived to California no more than an hour before the stop.

According to Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal, he repeatedly requested that the handcuffs be loosened and was aggressively questioned about his possessions, including the cost of the vehicle, his attire, and commenting on his "fancy shoes." Officers conducted a vehicle search and allegedly informed him of warrants for his arrest for forgery and grand theft in Orange County, allegations Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal vehemently denied. Subsequently, it was later discovered, almost 6 hours later, that the police officers had failed to verify the middle names of Paul and the other individual, leading to a mistaken identity, and physical descriptions of the two individuals incongruent.

The situation further deteriorated during detainment when, according to Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal's account, he began struggling to breathe after being placed in the backseat of the officer's vehicle. Despite his requests to loosen the handcuffs, Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal alleges they were tightened further by one of the two officers. Medical assistance was eventually called, but Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal claims that officers downplayed the severity of the situation to the medical respondents. Medical respondents instructed the officers to remove the handcuffs as Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal was struggling to breath, which led to increased pain and distress. According to Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal, the officer began removing the handcuffs aggressively which caused him to yell out in pain. This would later lead to a subsequent X-ray diagnosis of a visible fracture in his right hand.

Following, Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal experienced a fainting episode during transportation to the hospital, reportedly due to a medication error. Despite documented assertions from EMS personnel that the encounter paradoxically 'improved' his condition, Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal's experience of cold sweats, nausea, loss of consciousness, decrease in oxygen levels, and regurgitation upon regaining consciousness starkly contrasts with their assessment. To this day, certain personal belongings belonging to Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal, such as his travel cross bag and associated electronic accessories, have yet to be returned.

In response to this alleged injustice, Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal and his business partner, Tiffany Nutall / NuRoyal, have initiated legal proceedings against the Ontario Police Department and have filed a complaint with Internal affairs. They have compiled comprehensive evidence, including police reports, medical documentation, witness statements, and are currently awaiting a subpoena for discovery to further support their case. 

This incident underscores broader concerns surrounding profiling, racial profiling, and police misconduct within law enforcement agencies. Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal's experience underscores the urgent need for accountability and reform within the criminal justice system, the prevention of abuse of power, and further ignites Mr. Nutall / NuRoyal and his team's passion to advocate for the innocent and those who are unable to advocate for themselves.

Former FBI agent John Fitzgerald, along with other prominent attorneys from Los Angeles, are now investigating this serious incident involving the Ontario Police Department.

Written By: Tiffany Nutall

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