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DJ Monie, a charismatic branding executive turned self-taught pandemic era DJ proudly announces the launch of the Melanated Deejays Coalition, a private members-only DJ Coalition for female DJs of color that strives to provide guidance for aspiring deejays and brand management for existing mixologists.

During the lockdown of 2020, the creative found herself stuck with no safe social distance for traditional musical escape or expression. So, with the help of Amazon, Monie decided to turn her apartment into a club! As she began to hone her skills via YouTube videos, Crossfader and Serato tutorials, and tons of practice [much to her neighbor's dismay], DJ Monie quickly realized that resources, groups, and mentoring opportunities for aspiring disk jockeys, let alone female DJs, were limited to non-existent. So, she did what she does best - CREATE!

You launched Melanated Deejays Coalition, a private members-only DJ Coalition for female DJs of color. What inspired you?

A: “When I started DJing, I was looking for people who looked like me. I was eagerly looking for tutorials and resources to help me on my DJ journey and thought it would be great if I could create the place I was seeking. This was the birth of the Melanated DeeJay brand.”

Do you feel like you are a game-changer?

A: “I think that I’m just a fresh face behind the turntables. I think the way that I approach my brand though, it’s definitely a game changer. I really want to teach the importance of branding and how it contributes to your bookings and career.”

You are a well-known branding executive. How are you helping to catapult future DJs?

A: “Again, branding is probably just as important as your DJ skills. If no one knows that you exist, how will you ever get booked consistently?”

Being a DJ has a special place in your heart. Tell us about your late grandfather, Southern radio legend, Thomas “TJ” Hughes.

A: “My grandfather was one of the first black DJs in the South so, music was engrained in our lives at a very early age. I guess it’s no surprise that so many of my family members are in the industry.”

What are you offering to members?

A: “The Melanated DeeJay Platform is a home for all Melanated female DJs. It’s a place to learn new skills, share resources, monetize your content, and create a sisterhood.”

How important is branding and event management to succeed as a DJ?

A: “It’s extremely important to build a strong brand and presence in whatever industry you’re in. Your brand is the pulse of your business and if you don’t take yourself seriously, then no one else will.”

What will people notice about working with you?

A: “I don’t just come to the party, I am the party! All of my events are customized to the client, so you’ll never hear the same set twice. I want to make sure that I’m creating a vibe and my clients are happy every time!”

Share your vision for Melanated Deejays Coalition for 2022.

A: “My vision for Melanated DeeJays for 2022 is to have a very diverse group of female Melanated DeeJays that are working together to help boost and grow our individual brands and monetizing to our fullest potential.”

For more information about DJ Monie, visit


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