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Survivor's Visions, an Indianapolis, IN-based nonprofit, provides Domestic Violence support to male survivors in addition to female survivors.

Shirley Carson, the Founder and President of Survivor's Visions Inc. is making it her business to make sure men are included in domestic violence support and services. Upon launching the SURVIVED TO THRIVE program on November 16, 2021, she announce that men were welcome to attend the 6-week course as well. The organization was founded in 2018 and has been providing safe haven, educational, and support services to both men and women. Shirley believes that men are also victims of domestic violence and need help to rebuild their lives as well as their mental and emotional health to prepare them for happy and healthy relationships. After surviving domestic violence herself and needing to seek refuge, she realized that men who claim to be victims of domestic violence are often laughed at or are not believed and most don't even seek help at all and she knew she had to do something about it. She got to work and started her healing process, obtaining resources, obtained training and certifications to become a counselor and instructor, and thus the organization was born.

Carson has launched a Crush Domestic Violence line that includes, t-shirts, hats, jewelry, mugs, journals, and more. It is not only a way to promote awareness but proceeds go towards resources for clients and fundraising events. In October of this year, Survivor's Visions hosted their first annual Survivor's Ball. Shout out to Shirley Carson for sprinkling her "Melanin Magic" in the world to help others, especially our brothers who are often overlooked. To learn more and support or donate, visit

~Lady J (CEO/Writer)