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Mark Stinger Band - Full E.G.O. Magazine Interview Issue 16: By Celeb Writer, Jules Lavallee

Mark Stinger is a New Jersey native best known for his musical talent

and The Mark Stinger Band. Mark is also an actor who has appeared in numerous films

such as Rocky Balboa, Law Abiding Citizen, Silver Linings Playbook, Glass, Creed 1

and 2, Nomads, 21 Bridges, and more. He has been the one who has done the Blues

Brothers tribute tour. He was nominated for a Grammy for New Artist in 2010 for his

recording of “Flyin South” on his album, Still Cookin. Mark Stinger is currently signed to

the historical and legendary Soul Records label.


What has this past year been like for you?

Minus the pandemic, I have been signed to the historical and legendary Soul Records


Tell us about working with Soul Records, LLC and Mr. Robert Erskine Johnson.

Working with the greatest record label on the planet is exciting. The history of the record

label is phenomenal and Mr. Johnson is phenomenal himself.

What is your hope for working with the label?

My hope for working with the label is that my records will resonate like the past legends

who recorded on Soul Records. Legends like Shorty Long, Gladys Knight, Jimmy Ruffin, Jr. Walker, and The Allstars or Earl Van Dyke and The Motown Brass.

How has the Mark Stinger Band evolved creatively?

I have evolved creatively by writing new songs ready to record on Soul Records. Also, I

have developed the best band in the business. My current band members are Frank

Green, Lisa Gray, Ron Bass, Steve Patruno, Greg Throop, and Mike Whren.

What can we expect in 2021?

What you can expect in 2021 is new recordings from the Mark Stinger Band. Also, we

will be recording in Regency Studios with Dante Coluccio who is a great producer and


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