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Capturing Moments, Chasing Dreams: Terry Clayton's Journey Through the Lens

Meet Terry Clayton, a multitasking powerhouse juggling the roles of an Entrepreneur, Undergrad Media Student, and Rap Artist. Life, according to Terry, is like a camera – you can't get that day back if you don't capture it. And capture it, he does!

Terry, a photographer and videographer, loves freezing moments in time. From music videos to birthday parties, weddings to any event imaginable – if it involves a camera, Terry's got it covered. His lens doesn't discriminate; it embraces the beauty in every frame.

In Terry's own words, "If you're struggling, keep struggling." Life's challenges are the fuel that propels us forward. Terry's motivation lies in his family and close ones. His dream demands hard work, persistence, and fighting for what he believes in, not just for himself but for those around him.

Graduating high school was Terry's first triumph, soon to be followed by his impending college graduation. Simultaneously pursuing a music career, Terry's accomplishments paint a vivid picture of his dedication and ambition.

This year, Terry faced his greatest challenge – battling depression and anxiety. His solution? Speaking up. Terry believes in the power of sharing struggles and emphasizes the importance of seeking support if you're going through tough times.

So, what's next for Terry and his brand? Graduation takes the spotlight. Terry is set to earn his undergrad degree from Ball State University in Media Production. His journey doesn't end there; it's just the beginning.

Connect, support, and follow Terry on Instagram at tc_productionz. As a senior at Ball State, Terry Clayton is not just capturing moments; he's creating a legacy through his lens and leaving an indelible mark on the media production landscape. Join him on this incredible journey from high school awards to college achievements and beyond!

Written By: Lady J

Facebook: @LadyJbrand | Instagram:

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